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Who do you love? Who do you spend time with? Who do you miss?

Think about your mom, your sister, the barista at your favorite coffee shop, your group project friend from school. Do you know everyone's relationship status with Jesus? With access to multiple forms of social media, mobile messaging, online gaming, and many othe platforms, most of us are building vast networks of friends. When those relationships are with unbelieving friends, it's even more critical that we find ways to steward our connections well. Checking in regularly, scheduling time together, and sharing prayer requests are purposeful activities that we don't want to neglect. These tasks can be overwhelming. As a user of the REDUX app, you can create a profile to begin tracking and nurturing each relationship you have.

REDUX assists you and those around you on the journey to exploring and knowing the Lord. Have you ever been sitting in church, praying on your way to work, or listening to your favorite podcast, and someone popped in your head? Maybe the pastor said something about being a better friend, or about sharing your love for God with those around you. The friend that popped in your head is seeking. When was the last time you talked to them? Maybe you wrote it down quickly on a sticky note or a spare receipt, and you stuck it in your Bible, sun visor, or on your work computer. Three weeks later, you found the note, and you hadn't checked in with the person God laid on your heart. This is where REDUX comes in.

Start today. Start now. Don't just tell your hairdresser, for example, that you're praying for them if you might forget! Track it in the REDUX app and remind yourself to both pray for her and check in with her. Every interaction with your barber, your grandpa, your next-door neightbor can be a connection made to grow your relationship and possibly share your love of Christ.

Ready to be intentional with your relationships?

With Redux, the process just became easier. Sign up and begin transforming the way you connect with others.

You can connect through a phone call, email, text message, in-person meeting, anywhere. Your connections don't have to be curated. Organic relationships and interactions cultivate the strongest bonds. Use the REDUX app to track the things you noticed abut your interactions with each person. Do they have something you should be praying for? Do they need help in areas of their life? Do they have a quality about them that you'd like to emulate? Track it all in the app with reminders and updated statuses for each logged relationship.

Utilize critical features with the REDUX platform to help you with your relationships. Build prayer requests, mark visits with your contacts as quality interactions, use the fruits of the Spirit to measure progress, and choose specific focus areas for anyone to utilize to grow closer with each other and with the Lord.

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