How can Redux help you?

When a coworker needs prayer, you can get reminders to pray intentionally.

When a marriage struggles, you can access resources for hard questions.

When a friend searches for God, you can help move them from seeker to disciple.

Whether your relationships are with pre-followers or followers, it's important that we are intentional disciple makers. Checking in regularly, scheduling time together, and sharing prayer requests are purposeful activities that we don't want to neglect.


With Redux, you can create a profile to begin tracking and nurturing each relationship. Note a prayer need. Create a task to remember to follow up. Or recommend a book from the library of resources. 


Let Redux help you be a disciple who makes disciples. 

Ready to be intentional with your relationships?

With Redux, the process just became easier. 

Get the Redux app and revive discipleship today!

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