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The Discipleship Project

With access to multiple forms of social media, mobile messaging, online gaming, and many other platforms, most of us are building vast networks of friends. We're connecting to increasing numbers of people throughout the day. Staying up-to-date on the details of our friends' lives can be challenging.

When those relationships are with unbelieving friends, it's even more critical that we find ways to steward our connections well. Checking in regularly, scheduling time together, and sharing prayer requests are purposeful activities that we don't want to neglect. But the idea of managing such an extensive network of relationships and keeping track of so many people is overwhelming.

At GNPI, we've been developing resources for strategic evangelism in nearly every region of the world for over 40 years. Our mission is to share the gospel with everyone everywhere. Our most recent project has the potential to equip Christians in any part of the world, including America, to thoughtfully manage their connections with unbelievers and steer them toward discipleship. We're calling this effort The Discipleship Project, and through it, we're developing a tool called Redux.

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What is Redux?

Redux is a cloud-based platform that helps churches, families, and individuals build intentional relationships with unbelievers, encouraging them to move from seekers to believers. Redux utilizes technology from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and leverages it toward the goal of sharing the gospel and building relationships based on Christ.

For years, businesses have used CRM databases to track interactions with potential clients, noting important dates, conversation topics, client goals, and other details. With Redux, however, the goal is not to transition someone from contact to a client but to see people transformed by the gospel.

Since it's a cloud-based software program, it can be accessed anywhere through a computer or mobile device via the responsive Redux platform. Users create profiles for their non-believing friends. On each friend's profile, users can note details from previous conversations, schedule tasks (like coffee dates or reminders to pray for that person), save important dates and contact info, and more. It's an easy way to track and manage the details that matter in each of these relationships.

Not only that, Redux users can create customized profiles and enter their friend's strengths and weaknesses based on the Holy Spirit. Whether they've just met someone, asked a few questions about their faith, or had an opportunity to share their own, users can track all of these steps and more through the Redux app. Churches, families, and individual users can create profiles.

How Can Redux Help Me Become More Effective?

All Christians know that we've been called to share the good news with the world. But often, we're not sure where to start. By breaking discipleship down into a manageable, big-picture perspective, Redux simplifies what can be intimidating for many Christians. It gives users a clear path for communicating and helping their friends. More than checking items off a list, it's about intentionality. Redux allows users to see where their relationships have stalled out and where they may need to invest more time and prayer.

When entire churches use Redux, leaders get a clear, data-driven picture of how their members are reaching out and engaging with those around them. This bird's-eye view allows pastors and other leaders to train their congregations more effectively, knowing where they see progress and where people might need more help. Maybe most of your church members are consistently offering to pray for their non-believing friends, but they struggle with inviting them to church. Redux can show leaders where their church members need training and help them break through discipleship barriers.

Redux is also highly customizable, which means that individuals or churches can build their processes for cultivating relationships with people who do not yet believe, and even people that do. You can tailor these steps to fit different groups of people you're reaching out to or different types of relationships. Churches can also use Redux to move those who are already believers, along with other discipleship elements, like church membership or leadership training. However you use it, Redux can help you steward relationships and intentionally move people toward kingdom goals.

What's Next for Redux?

Redux already integrates seamlessly with many of the apps that are already on your mobile devices, such as maps, calendars, messaging, email, and contacts. We're also working toward building partnerships with more third-party systems in the future. If you're already using church management software, such as Church Community Builder or Rock RMS, you'll eventually be able to move contacts from Redux directly into those platforms. When the friends you've been praying for eventually join your church, they're not entering the system as blank slates. Leaders will be able to see connections within the congregation and how they got there.

We're also hoping to develop more resources for assessing, assisting, and encouraging our users as they share the gospel. That will include things like discipleship training and tools for helping organizations analyze their success and learn how to make adjustments to their approach. With GNPI's knowledge and experience, we have a vast supply of resources we could make available, and we're excited about the possibility of equipping more people through Redux.

We use apps and mobile devices every day to help us simplify and complete tasks. Why aren't we using an app to help us do the most important job God gave us. Redux is designed to do just that. For individuals and groups of all sizes, it's the app that helps the church be the church.

As GNPI works to develop and distribute this platform, your partnership could speed this process along. By contributing to The Discipleship Project, you'll help us make Redux available to more people, build more connections for third-party integration, and make more discipleship training resources available to Redux users. There's so much potential, both in the U.S. and in many of the nations where we work. This project will equip everyday believers to become more effective in sharing the gospel. Click the link below to partner with us today in these efforts.